About The Festival


THANK YOU, one and all for all of the wonderful support, enthusiasm and love we received from performers and audience members alike over the four days of The Seventh Annual New York Musical Improv Festival! Thanks to you, we broke new records for NYMIF with performers from New York, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC and Vancouver delivering phenomenal performances to SOLD OUT houses!  We loved meeting and seeing all of you perform and we couldn’t have done it without you and the incredible support of the Technical and Artistic Staff at the Magnet Theater!

Thank you to all of the Magnet Theater Administrators and technical staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes and are our greatest champions and supporters.  They are: Magnet Theater Owner & Founder Armando Diaz; Artistic Director, Megan Gray; Theater Manager, Quinton Loder; School Director, Amy Morrison; Musical Director, Frank Spitznagel; Webmaster, Sean Taylor; Promotions Team, Evan Barden and Chrissie Gruebel; Graphic Designer, Adam Hawkins as well as all of the enormously talented Musicians who accompanied the performers AND Techs, (Nat Trammel, Randy McKay, Jessica Coyle), House Managers (Abby Russell and Alex Kornfeld), Interns (Peter Edmonton, Gina Cucci, Sarah Schlesinger, Lee Hubila, Emily Montgomery, Kyle Gordon, Elias Colombotos and Olivia Wardwell) plus Volunteers (Alexis Lambright and Annemarie Cullen) who helped make sure everything ran like a well-oiled machine around the theater!

The 8th Annual New York Musical Improv Festival will be returning to the Magnet Theater in 2016!  Until then, please keep in touch, follow us on facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram and thanks again for joining us for The 7th Annual New York Musical Improv Festival!

T.J. Mannix, Robin Rothman Taylor and Michael Lutton